Sunday Services

9:30AM choral Rite II Eucharist


By now you have hopefully noticed our new logo for the church. It will be creeping its way into every publication we produce. As I discussed in a past article, it is important for the church’s materials to be clearly recognizable, consistent, and representative of who we are.  We are now well on our way to realizing this goal.

The process of developing our logo began back in March with a questionnaire that was available at the back of the church for almost two months. You were asked to describe St. Stephen’s and given a list of adjectives from which to choose and the opportunity to write in additional words that you felt describe our community. The words most often chosen to describe St. Stephen’s were “friendly,” “spiritual,” and “warm.”  Then you were asked which image you felt best gives an accurate impression of St. Stephen’s. The cross at the end of our building in the parking lot and the church banner were the most chosen with nature capturing our grounds and a few others in the next tier down.

The next step was for a logo committee to gather and begin brainstorming. Thank you for your hard work Berenice Iriks, Bruce Ahlvin, and Loria Rolander! After we met Berenice worked on developing examples of both the banner and the cross which were eventually taken to the vestry and voted on. Bruce’s past business partner was kind enough to develop the text part of the logo.

I believe that the logo that was ultimately created and chosen does a good job of capturing who we are as a community. The cross is at the center—this visually represents our commitment to Jesus Christ being at the center of our life together.  Functionally, it is helpful for those arriving at our building for the first time. The cross is immediately visible and recognizable.

The roofline of our sanctuary was incorporated into the logo because we felt that it captures the embracing warmth and love of the St. Stephen’s community. These adjectives were chosen not only by you, but these are also the words that I hear most often come out of the mouths of our guests. As new folks leave our sanctuary and shake my hand, they often comment on how incredibly welcoming and warm they found our community and worship service to be!

The grains of wheat capture the natural beauty of our grounds. Tall grasses surround our sanctuary.  The commitment and love with which the people of St. Stephen’s have cared for the grounds of our spiritual home for many years now is clearly evident to anyone who sets foot on our property.  Again, I often hear from guests that they are struck with the beauty of this place and enjoy gazing upon it as they worship.

You may notice that the grains of wheat and the roof create a circle around the cross reminiscent of the bread or the host that we break each week at our Lord’s table. We are reminded that this loving and warm community, with Christ at its center, in this beautiful part of God’s creation, is nourished and sustained by God.

Thank you to everyone for their input and hard work. May Christ’s light and love and beauty continue to shine through us as a community!

Yours in Christ,