Sunday Services

9:30AM choral Rite II Eucharist


Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

Starting this month there will be some changes in the way we communicate with each other. In place of our monthly newsletter, we will begin to send weekly email updates.  These emails will arrive via an email provider called Vertical Response which provides email services to non-profits for free (up to a certain limit).

We will continue to provide printed copies of the ROTA and the monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. (And for those who are not online, we will compile the articles released in the preceding month and make them available in hard copy. If you are not online, do not fear, you will still receive all the church communications but all at once, as you always have.) OR (And for those who are not online, we will print out the email each week and have it available in the back of the sanctuary for you to retrieve on Sunday. We will keep the last month’s worth of printed emails available should you miss a week).

The weekly email will consist of announcements and reminders about upcoming events, articles about our life together, ROTA reminders, and other useful information.

Email communication allows us to communicate more often, more cheaply, and more easily.  It allows us to reach a larger community. For example, if you are excited about an upcoming event you can simply forward the email to a friend or family member to invite them. Vertical Response includes tools or metrics that will allow us to tailor our communication to be as effective as possible and to communicate what people are most interested in reading.

As we make this transition, it will take time for us to figure out how to best use this new form of communication. You will most likely see things change as we go. I welcome and invite your feedback and ideas.

Yours in Christ,