Sunday Services

June & July
9AM Joint Service in Outdoor Sacred Space
Please dress accordingly
Nursery available


The following are the notes taken at the St. Stephen’s community forum on August 10th about the possibility of developing outdoor worship space:

1. What makes a place sacred or holy?

*Silence    *Joy    *Stillness  * Quiet  *Water    *Circular shape   *A focal point
*Nature (sounds & sight) *Trees *Good acoustics *Seclusion *Open
*Inviting *Beautiful *Color/warmth *Embracing *Soul *Safe
*Place that Gathers     *Angle and quality of light *Unseen presence
*Mystery & Surprise *Natural materials/ Organic
A quiet, secluded and welcoming place that is beautiful, fits in with the earth and feels numinous or mysterious.

2. What words describe our community?

*Welcoming *Grounded *Intimate *Joyful *Safe *Hard working
*Happy *Diverse *Inclusive *Unconditionally accepting
*Humble *Hard working *Generous *Congenial *a comfortable size
*Mercy & Justice *Use our gifts/ don’t hide lights under a basket *Dependable
Heart community *Active *Uninhibited *Passionate *Forgiving
*Healing *Tolerant *Innovative

3. Where do you see life, change, growth and energy in our community?

*Always in transition, adapting *Children and young families arriving
*Young leadership *Outreach in community *New services (Taize)
Music *Peace work * Eucharist/liturgy- experimentation
*participation of children

4. How might a new outdoor worship space express or embody who we are and who we are becoming?

*concentric circles, kiva-like *see and face each other *open to all
*lives in the land *earth/stone *all inclusive haven *sign at entrance,
welcoming all faiths *honor our roots/keepers of tradition *outreach to
others *Playful, draw in children (place for children) *Comfortable
*place to exchange ideas *in tune with nature *intimate space for
individuals, small groups & larger groups *balancing intimacy and
capacity *olive trees * something in interior to be contemplated
*welcoming area for children, where they can participate (contained & part
of the experience) *Preserve/plant trees

5) As you meditate on this, put it in a larger context: what do you hope our parish might become?

Contemplative *More invitational *a sense of awe and wonder
*silence *more diverse and intergenerational *learn from others
*Keep identity and welcome other groups & faiths *Parish with Bibles in pews
scripture *Interfaith *Remember that quality is more important than quantity, don’t buy the cultural mantra that bigger is better *become a spiritual center for our community *small magnet-not too big *maintain intimacy as we grow *be a place that welcomes children.