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8AM spoken Rite I Eucharist

10AM choral Rite II Eucharist
Sunday School & Nursery


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At our 5pm Christmas Eve Service the pageant will be a “walk-on” pageant. This means that at various points in the pageant any adult or child who wishes may join in. The parts will include angels, animals, wise people, and shepherds and sheep. There will be costume accessories (ears, crowns, halos) available. All are welcome!

The Rev. Christy Laborda Harris

Proper 21, Pentecost 19 The Rev. Christy Laborda Harris
James 5:13-20 September 30, 2018

“It’s hard to wait!” I am finding it very helpful to work with a deacon who happens to be a developmental specialist. This is especially so when one hasn’t read a single book on raising children! One of the things Kate has helped us with in our house is how hard it can be to wait. She taught us the phrase and we use it often, “it is hard to wait” or “waiting is hard.” We need to name it. And then we declare that even though it is hard, whoever is struggling with waiting, and you may be able to guess who, can do it! It is hard to wait, but you can do it!

This past week Kai was in the city for the big Sales Force conference. He stayed with some family who were bemoaning the changes happening in San Francisco… the huge new Sales Force tower changing the skyline, folks coming from outside the city to drive for Lyft, and, you can be sure, the techies. I sent Kai a video of Alma declaring, “change is… Continue reading

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