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10AM choral Rite II Eucharist
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Formed in 2004 by four musicians who also play in the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet Orchestras, the quartet answers a need for a depth of creative expression rarely available in the orchestral setting. The quartet has chosen the name “Temescal” (a ritual bath house or sweat lodge) to reflect the physical and spiritual renewal its members feel each time they play together. Each performance by the Temescal Quartet reflects a shared love of chamber music so profound that playing together has become a necessity.

Sponsored by Numina Center for Spirituality & the Arts
Friday, August 23rd @ 8:00PM
$10 General Admission

Proper 10/ Pentecost VIII                                       The Rev. Christy Laborda HarrisAmos 7:7-17 & Luke 10:25-37                                        July 14th, 2013

In our first reading today, from the book of the prophet Amos, the prophet sees a vision of the Lord standing beside a wall built with a plumb line (drop plum line from pulpit). Okay, maybe not this type of plumb line. But weighted lines like this are used as a vertical reference line to test the construction of a wall, to see if the wall is straight and, therefore, sturdy. What do you think? Is the pulpit okay?

Amos sees the Lord holding up a plumb line to God’s people. Israel is in the midst of a time of peace and prosperity.  Yet they are not caring for the poor and those in need. They are condemned for buying, “the poor… Continue reading

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

Next month it will be a year since we started the Great Lakes Scrip program. Thank you to everyone who has purchased scrip and a huge thank you to Karen Koenig for all the work she’s put into this program! The proceeds from the sales of the scrip gift cards helps us fund the programs that serve and work with our children— Godly Play and the nursery. To date we’ve made $1,139.24!

Up until now, we’ve been taking special orders and keeping a variety of cards in stock for immediate purchase. A year in, we are ready to liquidate the stock of cards we have on-hand and move toward folks placing orders. We will only keep on-hand those cards that are requested on a regular basis (ie- Safeway, Target, ACE).

I ask you to please take a look at the list of cards we have on-hand and see if any of them are for places where you shop on a regular or even occasional basis. Any card we are unable to sell cuts into our small profit margin. You can email Karen (karenkoenig@comcast.net) if there are any you are able to purchase and/or bring your… Continue reading

Proper 8, Pentecost VI                                              The Rev. Christy Laborda Harris
Galatians 5:1, 13-25                                                 June 30th, 2013

It’s been a big week in the life of our nation. The Supreme Court has come back with verdicts about the Voting Rights Act, Affirmative Action, the Defense of Marriage Act, and California’s own Proposition 8, along with some other less headline-grabbing verdicts. Many of us have been riding an emotional rollercoaster as we’ve heard the verdicts—anger, frustration, joy, jubilation, relief, peace.  There have been celebrations in the streets and opinion pieces decrying the error of our ways.  There have been tears of joy and tears of frustration.… Continue reading

Coffee Making Instructions

Thank you for making coffee for coffee hour after our 10am service!

Before the service

  1. Unlock pantry pad-lock
  2. Fill large coffee maker with water and 2 cups of caffeinated grounds (coffee is in pantry)
  3. Fill one small coffee maker with water and 1 cup of decaf grounds
  4. If we are running low on coffee please put it on the shopping list on the wall across from the pantry
  5. Label pots decaf and caffeinated
  6. Plug in one on the buffet
  7. Plug in the other on the coffee table in the Parish Hall (to avoid overwhelming circuits)
  8. Fill-up and set-out electric tea kettle on coffee table, but do not heat
  9. Put out teabags and sugar on coffee table (in drawers below and to left of microwave)
  10. Put out napkins and spoons (from pantry)

After the service

  1. Move the other pot from buffet to coffee table
  2. Unplug both pots (tea kettle is only thing plugged in)
  3. Put out pitcher of cream
  4. Those hosting coffee hour will do clean up


Hosting Coffee Hour

 Thank you for supporting our community fellowship and for helping to welcome visitors to St. Stephen’s!

Most coffee hours include some combination of: sweets, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and fruit juice.  Please bring 1 pint of half and half. Someone else will make the coffee.


  1. Set out 3 round tables with chairs—tablecloths are in wooden hutch
  2. Food goes on buffet
  3. Serving plates and utensils are available in kitchen (see sign & drawers/cupboards are labeled)
  4. On the wall across from the pantry is a clipboard to write down anything we are low on or out of and need to replenish
  5. Set out paper cups, plates, napkins, and silverware
  6. You are welcome to use leftover juice in refrigerator


  1. There is plastic wrap on the back counter to wrap food to take home
  2. Baked goods can be frozen for later use
  3. Wash any serving plates (in sink by windows) and return to storage locations
  4. Pour out extra coffee, throw out grinds in trash, and rinse coffee pots
  5. Return coffee pots to shelf under windows
  6. Put away extra cream, tea, sugar (in drawers under microwave), cups and napkins (in pantry)
  7. Wipe off coffee table and buffet
  8. Empty… Continue reading

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

Starting this month there will be some changes in the way we communicate with each other. In place of our monthly newsletter, we will begin to send weekly email updates.  These emails will arrive via an email provider called Vertical Response which provides email services to non-profits for free (up to a certain limit).

We will continue to provide printed copies of the ROTA and the monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. (And for those who are not online, we will compile the articles released in the preceding month and make them available in hard copy. If you are not online, do not fear, you will still receive all the church communications but all at once, as you always have.) OR (And for those who are not online, we will print out the email each week and have it available in the back of the sanctuary for you to retrieve on Sunday. We will keep the last month’s worth of printed emails available should you miss a week).

The weekly email will consist of announcements and reminders about upcoming events, articles about our life together, ROTA reminders, and other useful information.

Email… Continue reading

Next Tuesday evening the 11th,  the Rialto Cinemas in Sebastopol will be providing a free showing of “Love Free or Die.” This film is about the Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

The website for the film writes: “LOVE FREE OR DIE is about a man whose two defining passions are in direct conflict: his love for God and for his partner Mark. Gene Robinson is the first openly gay person to become a bishop in the historic traditions of Christendom. His consecration in 2003, to which he wore a bullet-proof vest, caused an international stir. The film follows Robinson from small-town churches in the New Hampshire North Country to Washington’s Lincoln Memorial to London’s Lambeth Palace, as he calls for all to stand for equality – inspiring bishops, priests and ordinary folk to come out from the shadows and change history.”

The film will show for free at 7pm on Tuesday the 11th.


Community Cinema: Love Free or Die
Tue, June 11 7pm

In 2003, Gene Robinson became the first openly gay priest in a committed same-sex relationship to be ordained a bishop in any Christian denomination. But his consecration… Continue reading

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

Greetings to you in the name of our Risen Lord! I write to you at just about the half waypoint through our Easter season. It’s hard to believe, but we are already over a quarter of the way through 2013.

As you may know, part of our vestry’s (and my) responsibility each month is to examine the financials from the prior month. Now, having completed the first quarter of the financial year, I write to update you about the finances of your church.   The last couple of years have seen wonderful growth in pledging and this year we projected a budget that nearly closed the deficit!  Unfortunately, based on our first quarter, we are not quite meeting our projected income.

At the end of the first quarter, our income is about $5,000 below our projection. This discrepancy is largely due to folks moving away and to deaths, but we have also have some pledges that are behind. While this is not a particularly large sum at this point, we are likely to end the year with a larger deficit than the $746 that had been projected.

As those who have been at… Continue reading