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Saturday, October 5th at the Glaser Center in Santa Rosa
Sunday, October 6th at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

The Haitian Childrens’ Choir, Les Petits Chanteurs, is holding a concert in Santa Rosa on October 5th.  The concert will benefit the Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti which was devastated in the  2010 earthquake.

With an uplifting blend of Hatian folk music, gospel, and traditional spirituals, Les Petits Chanteurs has been performing throughout Haiti, reaching out to the poor in tent cities, spreading positive music across an island nation still reeling from natural disaster.

Now Les Petits Chanteurs is coming to California in hopes to raise money to  rebuild and support their music school, an important cultural center in Port-au Prince that has provided music education in voice, woodwinds, brass, strings, and piano for countless young people in Haiti.

The benefit concert is 3pm on October 5th, at the Glaser Center at 547 Mendocino Ave in Santa Rosa.  Les Petits Chanteurs will be joined by the Joyful Noise! Gospel Singers, a local choir specializing in African-American spiritual music.

This event is produced and organized by Numina: Center for Spirituality and the Arts.  Tickets… Continue reading

This article written by Christy ran in our diocesan e-news on August 20th. It is an adaptation of her August 11th sermon.

Pentecost XII/ Proper 14

The Gospel for the twelfth Sunday of Pentecost (Luke 12:32-40) this year began with Jesus saying to his disciples, “ ‘Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom’ ” (Luke 12:32, New Revised Standard Version). This is a solid start to any passage, right? Jesus endeavors to comfort us and his disciples, assuring us that we need not be afraid because it is God’s pleasure to give us the kingdom.

It’s after this things get a little dicey. Jesus continues, “ ‘Sell your possessions, and give alms. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’ ” (Luke 12:33-34 New Revised Standard Version). And instantly I’ve forgotten Jesus’ first statement. Fear has set in. How on Earth am I supposed to sell all my possessions and give it all away? This isn’t feasible or realistic! My inability to comply… Continue reading

Formed in 2004 by four musicians who also play in the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet Orchestras, the quartet answers a need for a depth of creative expression rarely available in the orchestral setting. The quartet has chosen the name “Temescal” (a ritual bath house or sweat lodge) to reflect the physical and spiritual renewal its members feel each time they play together. Each performance by the Temescal Quartet reflects a shared love of chamber music so profound that playing together has become a necessity.

Sponsored by Numina Center for Spirituality & the Arts
Friday, August 23rd @ 8:00PM
$10 General Admission

Proper 10/ Pentecost VIII                                       The Rev. Christy Laborda HarrisAmos 7:7-17 & Luke 10:25-37                                        July 14th, 2013

In our first reading today, from the book of the prophet Amos, the prophet sees a vision of the Lord standing beside a wall built with a plumb line (drop plum line from pulpit). Okay, maybe not this type of plumb line. But weighted lines like this are used as a vertical reference line to test the construction of a wall, to see if the wall is straight and, therefore, sturdy. What do you think? Is the pulpit okay?

Amos sees the Lord holding up a plumb line to God’s people. Israel is in the midst of a time of peace and prosperity.  Yet they are not caring for the poor and those in need. They are condemned for buying, “the poor… Continue reading

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

Next month it will be a year since we started the Great Lakes Scrip program. Thank you to everyone who has purchased scrip and a huge thank you to Karen Koenig for all the work she’s put into this program! The proceeds from the sales of the scrip gift cards helps us fund the programs that serve and work with our children— Godly Play and the nursery. To date we’ve made $1,139.24!

Up until now, we’ve been taking special orders and keeping a variety of cards in stock for immediate purchase. A year in, we are ready to liquidate the stock of cards we have on-hand and move toward folks placing orders. We will only keep on-hand those cards that are requested on a regular basis (ie- Safeway, Target, ACE).

I ask you to please take a look at the list of cards we have on-hand and see if any of them are for places where you shop on a regular or even occasional basis. Any card we are unable to sell cuts into our small profit margin. You can email Karen (karenkoenig@comcast.net) if there are any you are able to purchase and/or bring your… Continue reading