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Lent III                                                                                   The Rev. Christy Laborda Harris

Luke 13:1-9                                                                           February 28th, 2016


Last week I began my sermon by mentioning presidential candidate Donald Trump. As I did so, I felt a collective inhalation as you waited to see just what I would say about Trump. And it was a bit of a red herring as I really only discussed his use of the word “faith” as a jumping off point.

During the morning session of our Lenten study this week, the conversation kept coming back to the presidential campaign, again and again. At the evening session, it was mentioned briefly. I have stayed away from the campaign in the pulpit because I do not feel it’s my place, or the church’s place, to get involved in partisan politics—the key word being partisan. Jesus was not a republican or a democrat. 

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“Kairos Palestine:  Christians in the Holy Land and the Call for Justice-
A Panel Discussion at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.”

 The recent violence in Gaza and Palestine, which killed more than 2200 people (the majority civilians), provides us with a significant opportunity to reflect on the history of the ongoing conflict there.  The panel at St. Stephen’s on October 23rd will focus on the roots of the conflict, especially exploring the experience of Palestinian Christians and the recent Kairos Palestine document, which is a call from Christian leaders in Palestine (including the Anglican Church) to Christians of the world to help end the ongoing violent occupation of the Holyland.  The Kairos document continues to provide hope for a just peace that benefits all peoples and religions in Israel and Palestine.

The panel will include Therese Mughannam-Walrath (a Palestinian Christian who was born in the Holyland, yet ended up in the USA as a refugee), Sam Tuttleman (from Jewish Voice for Peace and recently returned from work in Palestine), and Dr. Joseph Eichenseher (who did medical work in Bethlehem).   There will also be a short movie segment shown from “The Stones Cry Out,” a… Continue reading