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This June marks the fourth anniversary of the beginning of Centering Prayer groups at St. Stephen’s. Two groups were initiated four years ago, not because they had different ideas about what would happen, but because they were scheduled at more convenient times for one or the other. Since this past March we have continued our discipline while sheltering-in-place. The reading below is a passage from Laurence Freeman’s, Jesus the Teacher Within. I seems to address our current need to pray while alone in our homes. Freeman is a British Franciscan monk and teacher of the practice of Centering Prayer.
Instructions: You are invited to pause every Monday evening at 6:00 PM or Tuesday morning at 9:30 am. Find a comfortable place to sit for 25 minutes without interruption. Set a timer to tell you when the time has passed. Turn off the phone. Read the opening reflection (below). Close your eyes. Listen to your breathing. In rhythm with your breath repeat a sacred word to help stop the business – the chattering monkeys – in your mind. Rest with God. When the time is done reflect on your personal thanksgivings then gently enter into your day.

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