Sunday Services

9:30AM choral Rite II Eucharist


Hosting Coffee Hour

 Thank you for supporting our community fellowship and for helping to welcome visitors to St. Stephen’s!

Most coffee hours include some combination of: sweets, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and fruit juice.  Please bring 1 pint of half and half. Someone else will make the coffee.


  1. Set out 3 round tables with chairs—tablecloths are in wooden hutch
  2. Food goes on buffet
  3. Serving plates and utensils are available in kitchen (see sign & drawers/cupboards are labeled)
  4. On the wall across from the pantry is a clipboard to write down anything we are low on or out of and need to replenish
  5. Set out paper cups, plates, napkins, and silverware
  6. You are welcome to use leftover juice in refrigerator


  1. There is plastic wrap on the back counter to wrap food to take home
  2. Baked goods can be frozen for later use
  3. Wash any serving plates (in sink by windows) and return to storage locations
  4. Pour out extra coffee, throw out grinds in trash, and rinse coffee pots
  5. Return coffee pots to shelf under windows
  6. Put away extra cream, tea, sugar (in drawers under microwave), cups and napkins (in pantry)
  7. Wipe off coffee table and buffet
  8. Empty smaller waste baskets into large black garbage can and take trash to cans in parking lot
  9. Please leave CRV recycling where it is

10. Put new bags in waste baskets and large garbage can (located in broom closet by back door, next to pantry)

11. Fold and return clean tablecloths to wooden hutch. Dirty ones should be taken home for washing—speak to vestry lock-up person

12. Lock pantry padlock