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June 24, 2020

Dear People of St. Stephen’s,
Your vestry and I again carefully and thoughtfully discussed the topic of regathering for in-person worship. At that meeting, we decided to continue virtual worship through the summer and to re-engage in this conversation and deliberation at our September meeting.
The overall feeling of the group was one of being uncomfortable with the level of risk implicit in re-gathering and a concern that what was to be gained by worshiping in-person was not worth the risk. As I wrote last time, we would have to be distanced, wearing masks (unable to see one another’s faces), not singing, responding to prayers fairly quietly and communion is even more risky not to mention the amount of time and energy that goes into reopening plans and proposals. Yesterday I was on a call with the clergy of our deanery and one person voiced the concern that we had been told not to gather for safety and now we are reopening while the number of cases rise. This is indeed counterintuitive.
I assure you that we do not make this decision lightly. We all deeply miss gathering in… Continue reading

At our 5pm Christmas Eve Service the pageant will be a “walk-on” pageant. This means that at various points in the pageant any adult or child who wishes may join in. The parts will include angels, animals, wise people, and shepherds and sheep. There will be costume accessories (ears, crowns, halos) available. All are welcome!

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