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The evening I met my now husband for the first time, he dropped a pick up line only an Episcopal priest could appreciate. Somehow we were discussing the Myers Briggs Indicator. This is a personality test that reports how the test taker interacts with the world. If you haven’t taken the actual one, you’ve probably seen mini tests on Facebook based off the Myers Briggs. The Episcopal Church requires its candidates for ordination to take this test as part of their psychological evaluation. And as a result, it is often a topic of conversation among clergy. So this young man, my now husband, drops the line that the Myers Briggs is the astrology of the Episcopal Church. And he’s not wrong, I didn’t much discuss being a Taurus in seminary but the fact that I am extroverted was quite commonly known. 

The tests fourth category reports on whether someone lives a lifestyle that is “well-structured” (this is a J for judgment) or a life style that “goes with the flow” (a P for Perception). The P “go with the flow” type tend to be dreamers who come up with new ideas and visions. The J “structured type” like to… Continue reading

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