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Centering Prayer for the week beginning February 21 and February 28, 2021
With Rod McAulay

February 28

This week, no words, just a photograph taken in the Alhambra, the hilltop fort, palace and gardens built in Granada, Spain by the Moslem people who thrived in much of Spain for centuries until 1492. Today, millions visit this site, absorbing the peace and beauty of the architecture and gardens. It is an ideal place for silencing the chatter of the brain and practicing the art of resting in the present as one passes by fountains and pools, through courtyards, under arches and into the shade of trees, letting the smells and sights delight.

February 21

Find a quiet space where you can comfortably sit upright for at least 20 minutes. Turn off phones and other distractions. Set you timer. Close your eyes. Listen to your breath. You can select a sacred word (e.g., peace, maranatha, be still) to say to yourself with each breath. Quiet your brain. If thoughts push in, let them drift away like a leaf on a stream and return to your sacred word. Rest in the presence of your creator.

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