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8AM spoken Rite I Eucharist

10AM choral Rite II Eucharist
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On two occasions each week you are invited to participate in the practice of Centering Prayer while at home but in concert in time with others. As I have commented before, there is a power in the fact of entering prayer with others. But, I have often urged that this become a daily discipline: a moment of solitude and quiet when the only sounds are the creaking of the house expanding and contracting with the warmth of the sun or cooling in the evening, the distant chatter of birds, groaning of garbage trucks and rustling of a breeze in the branches outside our window.
Instructions: You are invited to pause every Monday evening at 6:00 PM or Tuesday morning at 9:30 am. Find a comfortable place to sit for 25 minutes without interruption. Set a timer to tell you when the time has passed. Turn off the phone. Read the opening reflection (below). Close your eyes. Listen to your breathing. In rhythm with your breath repeat a sacred word to help stop the business – the chattering monkeys – in your mind. Rest with God. When the time is done reflect on your personal thanksgivings then gently enter into your… Continue reading
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