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9:30AM choral Rite II Eucharist



“Kairos Palestine:  Christians in the Holy Land and the Call for Justice-
A Panel Discussion at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.”

 The recent violence in Gaza and Palestine, which killed more than 2200 people (the majority civilians), provides us with a significant opportunity to reflect on the history of the ongoing conflict there.  The panel at St. Stephen’s on October 23rd will focus on the roots of the conflict, especially exploring the experience of Palestinian Christians and the recent Kairos Palestine document, which is a call from Christian leaders in Palestine (including the Anglican Church) to Christians of the world to help end the ongoing violent occupation of the Holyland.  The Kairos document continues to provide hope for a just peace that benefits all peoples and religions in Israel and Palestine.

The panel will include Therese Mughannam-Walrath (a Palestinian Christian who was born in the Holyland, yet ended up in the USA as a refugee), Sam Tuttleman (from Jewish Voice for Peace and recently returned from work in Palestine), and Dr. Joseph Eichenseher (who did medical work in Bethlehem).   There will also be a short movie segment shown from “The Stones Cry Out,” a… Continue reading

The following are the notes taken at the St. Stephen’s community forum on August 10th about the possibility of developing outdoor worship space:

1. What makes a place sacred or holy?

*Silence    *Joy    *Stillness  * Quiet  *Water    *Circular shape   *A focal point
*Nature (sounds & sight) *Trees *Good acoustics *Seclusion *Open
*Inviting *Beautiful *Color/warmth *Embracing *Soul *Safe
*Place that Gathers     *Angle and quality of light *Unseen presence
*Mystery & Surprise *Natural materials/ Organic
A quiet, secluded and welcoming place that is beautiful, fits in with the earth and feels numinous or mysterious.

2. What words describe our community?

*Welcoming *Grounded *Intimate *Joyful *Safe *Hard working
*Happy *Diverse *Inclusive *Unconditionally accepting
*Humble *Hard working *Generous *Congenial *a comfortable size
*Mercy & Justice *Use our gifts/ don’t hide lights under a basket *Dependable
Heart community *Active *Uninhibited *Passionate *Forgiving
*Healing *Tolerant *Innovative

3. Where do you see life, change, growth and energy in our community?

*Always in transition, adapting *Children and young families arriving
*Young leadership *Outreach in community *New services (Taize)
Music *Peace work * Eucharist/liturgy- experimentation
*participation of children

4. How might a new outdoor worship space… Continue reading

The 2014 Bible and BCP Challenge

Dear Friends in Christ:

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California took The Bible Challenge in a big way in 2013. Over 1,100 readers started out reading together and many finished!

Now, I invite you to join me in a different challenge; one that combines some form of the Daily Office from our Book of Common Prayer (BCP) with reading the New Testament through, one chapter at a time, along with a Psalm and a little nugget from elsewhere in the BCP. It is a much lighter reading load than last year, and it encourages us to re-acquaint ourselves with the Book of Common Prayer as a primary resource for our personal spiritual practices. You may also want to read a brief summary of each book of the New Testament on the first day you begin that new book. This will provide an overview of the work with which you will be spending the next several days or weeks. These helpful summaries, by Bible scholar Peter Enns, are available on this 2014 Bible and BCP Challenge section of the diocesan website.

Included in the schedule of readings, in small doses, is… Continue reading

Tuesday, March 4th is Shrove Tuesday!

We will celebrate this day before we enter into Lent on the next day with a pancake supper. We will start serving food at 5:30pm but please come whenever you are able. Friends and family are welcome! There will be crafts, music, and good times. Please see the sign-up in the back of the sanctuary to help out.

“I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live” (John 11:25).

 Dear People of St. Stephen’s,

This year for our Lenten Study, we are going to study the topic of death and dying. I know this isn’t exactly a favorite topic for most of us, but it is an important one in a culture that tends to fear and avoid death.  As Christians, we believe that death is not the end.  We are a resurrection people.

Each year on Ash Wednesday, we receive ashes on our foreheads and hear the powerful words, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” (BCP 265). These words invite us to face the reality that our mortal lives will come to an end and in the face of this reality to name our hope in Christ.  This is what we celebrate in Easter—that Christ conquered death once and for all and made life eternal available to us in God.

This study will provide us with spiritual and practical tools to help us become more comfortable with our own humanity and to help us know how to… Continue reading

Annual Meeting 2014 packet

Our annual meeting is this coming Sunday the 26th. Please click above to read the packet of information. The meeting itself will move quickly, so it’s important to read in advance. All are invited and please consider bringing a dish to share at our pot-luck coffee hour!

Christmas Eve
4:30 pm Children’s Pageant and Holy Eucharist
10:00 pm Carols
10:30 pm Choral Holy Eucharist

Christmas Day
9:00 am Holy Eucharist

Christmas Festival of Lessons and Carols
Sunday, December 29th at 9:00 am

Our annual prime rib dinner will be Sunday, December 15th at 5pm. Please sign up in the back of the sanctuary or contact the office if you plan to attend and let us know how many people will be attending with you. A donation of $10/meal is requested but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. For dessert we will be serving a variety of Christmas cookies, if you’d like to bake some for the event, please sign up in the back of the sanctuary.